Backup Solutions

Our solutions aim to provide peace of mind to consumers who are concerned about power outages and surges caused by severe weather events.


Battery backup systems are devices that store energy in order to provide electricity when there is no other source available. They’re used to keep lights on during blackouts, charge cell phones, and even run appliances like refrigerators and freezers. Battery systems are an alternative to a generator system without emissions, noise, or fuel costs.

House with Solar Panels

Battery + Solar

When solar energy is being produced at a home or commercial building during the day, surplus solar power is stored in the battery for use at night. Most people invest in a backup generator to protect their property from power failures during storms and other events. However, a generator needs propane or gasoline to run it. Solar panel systems with backup batteries offer the same power security without any of the noise and exhaust created by generators.

What are the benefits of solar?

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