Solar Solutions

Go solar and save with a home solar energy system from Starry Solar.


Turn sunlight into energy, and use it in your home. It is one of the smartest investments you can make for your home’s future and help protect the environment. Solar energy systems generate electricity for your home with no emissions, noise, or fuel costs. Offset your energy bill and lock in your energy cost.

Solar Off-Grid

An off-grid solar energy system can run the power needs of mid to large homes. Unlike grid-tied solar energy systems, off-grid solar energy systems don’t connect to the utility grid. They must make all the electricity necessary to power your home—a battery bank stores and powers off-grid solar energy systems when sunlight is unavailable.

Solar + Battery

With a solar and battery system, the energy generated charges a battery backup system. The battery backup system will kick in and provide your power when the solar panels do not generate enough power to meet household demands. During the day, surplus solar power is stored in the battery for use at night. Most homeowners purchase a backup generator to protect from power failures during storms and other events. However, a generator needs propane or gasoline to run it. Solar panel systems with storage batteries offer the same power protection without any of the noise and exhaust created by generators.
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What are the benefits of solar?

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